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Mail Time! and Children's Literature :o)

Needed to go to the Post Office today ... I haven't been to the Post Office
since before they changed the rate of the postage.

I found out they have new stamps of Favorite Children's Book Animals
that are the new postage rate of $ 0.39. So we bought some of those ...
Jessica wants some of them for her. *grins and laughs*

I tried to explain to her that we need to use them to mail stuff.

The stamps are pretty fun ...

The books the animals come from are the following:

Where the Wild Things Are
By: Maurice Sendak

Charlotte's Web
By: E.B. White
Illustrated by: Garth Williams

By: Leo Lionni

Curious George Flies a Kite
By: Margret and H.A. Rey

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
By: Eric Carle

Fox in Socks
By: Dr. Seuss

Maisy's ABC
By: Lucy Cousins

By: Ian Falconer


We of course have a copy of the book "Where the Wild Things Are." The animal from this book is one of the well known monsters that have had stuffed toys made with this animal image, etc. We have read many of the books by Leo Lionni as they have so many books by him in the Public Library's Children's sections typically. And of course they have an image of Curious George :o)

I think that Curious George is probably one of the most popular animals from classic Children's Literature. It seems that just about everyone young and old knows who Curious George is. And of course Curious George books as board books are about as popular as the versions of Dr. Seuss books and books by P.D. Eastman that have been revamped into board books for a new generation :o)

And I am very familiar with the Caterpillar from "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" as board books by Eric Carle are very popular in Public Libraries and collections of board books at most stores that sell board books. The animal from "Charlotte's Web" is of course the original image of Wilbur (the pig) illustrated by Garth Williams in the original book by E.B. White.

I am not that familiar with the books for the characters of the Fox from "Fox in Socks", Maisy and Olivia. I have of course heard of Maisy and Olivia. However, when I've read books with these characters ... I personally was jut not very impressed by the quality of the Literature.

I think I may be biased from the class I took years ago now for Children's Literature as a part of the Elementary Education degree at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I suppose when they made it a point of telling us how many children's books are written every year and published and that not all of it was quality ... I made it a point of always being very critical in my assessment of Children's Literature.

Of course now that I am a Mother I am even more critical than I was when I was just collecting Literature for a classroom. I think the problem is that every year there is even more great Children's Literature that is published by amazing authors like Doreen Cronin and others.

And so since we already have a fairly large library of books for my two children I am weeding out some of the ones I purchased years ago with the intent of using for a classroom.

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