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Just found this Community

I just found this Community today when I was searching interests for a new Community I created today.

I didn't realize this Community existed. Though it looks like it used to get a lot more activity years ago when it was first created.

I am a 34 year old Mother of two children. I and my children love Children's Literature. My Children are 3 and 4 years old so they are mainly "reading" Picture Books at this time. Though they also enjoy having me read some of the Chapter Books to them.

Some of their Favorite books are:

Dim Sum for Everyone
By: Grace Lin

Once Upon a Golden Apple
By: Jean Little

By: Bruce Degen

A Treeful of Pigs
By: Arnold Lobel

Duck for President
By: Doreen Cronin

They actually love all the books by Grace Lin and Doreen Cronin. We actually own all the books by Doreen Cronin.

Doreen Cronin has written:

Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type
Giggle, Giggle, Quack
and Duck for President

for anyone that is not familiar with this author.
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