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kristen marie

bookworm BABY

My daughter's loved Pooh books since she was born [she's now 8 months]. And Goodnight Moon.

at one month

She loves Sesame Street and Elmo. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good Elmo/Sesame Street books?
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My Daughter has always loved books too.
I actually would read when I was pregnant with her.
I had heard that was good for kids.

I think it is probably true. When she was only a few days old she got really upset in the hospital and I started reading "A Treeful of Pigs" to her which I had read when I was pregnant with her. She calmed down just listening to my voice and me holding her while I read.

As far as Sesame Street/Elmo books go. I have always liked the book "A Monster at the End of this Book". That one is about Grover. However, there is also a newer book that is titled something like "Two Monsters at the end of this book" and that one is about Grover and Elmo. I think both the old book and the new one are very cute.
she loves grover too. that's great.

i read to mary while i was pregnant. i heard the same thing you did-- that it boosts their intelligence and makes them happier people, but what won me over was the memory of my parents reading to me when i was very young... the memory of lessons i learned and adventures i had through books made me want to give my daughter the same gift i'd been given.

how old is your daughter?
Jessica is 4 years old. She will be 5 years old on July 22nd.

*nods* yep I read a lot when I was little also. I loved the summer reading programs at the library and being able to just lay in bed all day and read.

Jessica and Sebastian have already participated in the Summer 2003 and Summer 2004 Reading Programs for the libraries around Coralville/Cedar Rapids Iowa. The libraries have "Read-to-Me" options for the Reading Programs now. I wish they would have had that when I and my siblings were younger.
i know what you mean. i think i wasn't even 8 when my parents bought me a tree grows in brooklyn because i'd finished everything for my age group.

that's a great idea-- the "read to me" option. is there a minimum age for participating in the program?

mary has her favorites, but she's so used to them i'd like to start experimenting with others.
That's really great. I think with you starting so early with your daughter Mary she will probably be like that also.

Hmm... I think the "read to me" option just depends on how the library has it set up. Both the Coralville and the Cedar Rapids Libraries have options for "Read to me" readers. I've never seen anything that says the children have to be a certain age. However, Cedar rapids just wants you to read to the kids for a certain amount of time for the prizes...and most of those prizes probably wouldn't be anything that your daughter would enjoy since she's still under a year old. Some of the prizes are even "Under 3 type small things that she could stick in her mouth" so that definitely wouldn't work well as far as her getting prizes for being read to.

Coralville on the other hand gives you a sheet and you just fill it out and then your child gets a t-shirt.

The sheet for the youngest "read to me" readers is just having 10 books being read to them and then having mom or dad read two books in front of the kids and writing that on the sheet. So pretty easy if you read to her a lot.

But like I said that's two different libraries within driving distance of us here in Iowa. You would just have to see what the libraries around you have to offer.

*nods* I've been reading so much to Jessica and Sebastian also. Jessica prefers the bigger Picture Book type stories/books to the simple board books. My husbands parents though aren't enthusiastic about books so they think it's too long to read to the kids. *shrugs*

In fact her favorite book right now is "The Seven Chinese Sisters" I think the author is Kathy Tucker but Grace Lin does the Illustrations.

My children are part Asian. I found the books by Grace Lin and both of my children love them.
She does books like "Dim Sum for Everyone"
I love it that my kids like that book so much since it is part of their ancestry.
one of my friends from high school is half japanese. he seemed almost ashamed of his heritage [because he was the only japanese kid our age... the other pacific islander kids were portugese for the most part]. it broke my heart in a way. he spoke perfect japanese, yet never used it outside of our favorite japanese restaurant.

it makes me very happy to hear that at such a young age your children are proud of their heritage.

my daughter is mostly german with a bit of french. a couple of her favorite bedtime songs are french. and one is german. i can't speak much beyond those songs, but i wanted to at least give her that little bit of her history.
*nods* I definitely agree. I grew up knowing that my Aunt Joan was very involved in Genealogy. I did some here and there for projects in school and such when I was younger.

Now that I have figured out a lot of the resources available on the internet I have tried to do more. And it has made me aware of how little I knew about anyone beyond my Grandparents. I tell my own children stories about their Great Grandparents/My Grandparents all the time.

*nods* and on my side of the family there is Bohemian, Moravian, German, Swedish, and Irish I think. Mostly Bohemian/Moravian/now Czech. I had a grandparent on my Maternal side that was 100% and a grandparent on my Paternal side that was 100%.

My grandmother taught me how to say good night in german when I was little. And just that little bit got me interested in taking German for a foreign language in High school and College even though it is not used widely in the United States.

I never knew much about being Swedish from my Paternal Grandfather since his ancestors had married people who were Irish I think. However, going back in the Genealogy/Family History I see where the family came to Iowa from Sweden.

*nods* so I'd like my children to know as much as possible about their Grandfather and Grandmother who are Asian in Ancestry.
I just noticed how old you are from your personal Journal. That is great that you are so active with your baby/daughter. I didn't have kids till I was almost 30 years old.

It's kinda funny. I am actually the oldest of 7 kids and you were born the same year as my "baby" brother. 'course he is 21 years old now.

But anyway. I created kiddie_lit before I realized this community existed. I already invited reganelizabeth to join kiddie_lit also. You should go see what you think if you are interested in looking at another community for Children's Literature.
mary wasn't planned. wanted-- just not at the time she came.

but its easy to be active with her. she's a very active and happy baby.

i joined. i'll look for an advertisement community i heard about once before. since this community is so inactive, perhaps we could get yours bustling.
That's great that she is active and happy.

That sounds good. I think if we could find the people that are really interested in Children's literature we could get some good discussions going.

Someone used to post about some kids books here like "Bear Snores On" by Karma Wilson. I can't remember the name of the person now. But I don't know if they are around much any more from the looks of it.
I always loved Grover in "The Monster at the End of This Book." It's a great lesson in facing fears and finding out that they are almost never as big as they seem. My mother read it to me endlessly and when I was old enough to memorize it, I "read" it to my little brother. :)
I love hearing about children "reading" books by memorizing them.

I am sure my daughter will be doing that soon. She already is trying to read books she knows by "reading" the pictures. And actually now that I think of it she does know how portions of the stories go for some of her favorite books.